GPR Stabilizers: A Comprehensive Guide

GPR Stabilizers: A Comprehensive Guide

Get ready to ignite your passion for powersports as we proudly announce our partnership with the illustrious GPR Performance Stabilizers. At Duff Moto, we've always been dedicated to providing you with top-notch products to elevate your powersports experience, and teaming up with GPR is a testament to that commitment.

GPR Stabilizers: A Legacy of Racing Excellence

GPR Stabilizers is not just a company; it's a family-owned and operated venture driven by an unadulterated love for all disciplines of motorcycle racing. The story of GPR Stabilizers is one born out of frustration. Founders Ralph and Randy Norman were tired of the lackluster quality and limited options available in the market. Their frustration sparked a mission – to create the finest steering damper for motorcycle racers.

With a strong background in aerospace manufacturing and design, they embarked on their journey, blending innovation with their racing expertise. They started with an original design, a result of relentless testing and prototyping. Over time, it evolved into the dominant steering damper you see today at off-road events worldwide. With patents held in the USA and abroad, GPR Stabilizers now has its sights set on conquering the global motorcycle racing market.

Engineering Excellence: A Ride Unlike Any Other

What sets GPR Stabilizers apart is the resounding success they've achieved in professional road racing, off-road adventures, and ATV racing across the globe. This success has allowed them to develop exactly what racers need – a motorcycle steering damper that's lightweight, compact, adjustable on the fly, and easy to service.

Whether you're racing on the road, tearing through off-road trails, or conquering terrain with your ATV, GPR Stabilizers are the answer. They offer applications for virtually every popular make and model of performance motorcycle. The GPRV4s street bike stabilizer, in particular, was meticulously designed for sport bikes and road racing bikes, earning the trust of some of the biggest names in the racing world. The V5-s is the pinnacle of the V4's evolution.

From the Racetrack to Your Ride

At Duff Moto, we're excited to join forces with GPR Performance Stabilizers to bring their exceptional products to the powersports enthusiasts of Western Canada. Our partnership is set to redefine your ride, making it smoother, more controlled, and exhilarating.

GPR Stabilizers personally represent their brand at various venues across the US and Europe. On any given weekend, you can spot GPR Stabilizers at an AMA Road Race, a WORCS off-road championship, or in the World Superbike paddock. Notably, GPR Stabilizers is the sole American sponsor of the World Superbike Championship and the only rotary steering damper on the World Supersport grid.

Thanks to the outstanding collaborations with their distributors, racers, and teams, GPR Stabilizers have clinched championships all over the world and are now represented and distributed in over 24 countries.

Designed, Manufactured, and Delivered Under One Roof

What's more, GPR Stabilizers ensures every part of their process takes place under one roof. From design, manufacturing, and assembly to testing and distribution, it all happens at their San Diego, CA facility. GPR Stabilizers stands as the only motorcycle steering damper company to offer such comprehensive service. They're all about providing you with lifetime service warranties, an array of color selections, a wide range of applications, in-paddock support, and most importantly, an unwavering commitment to constant improvement.

So, as you gear up for your next powersports adventure in the magnificent landscapes of Western Canada, remember that Duff Moto and GPR Performance Stabilizers have got your back. Together, we'll elevate your ride, ensuring every twist, turn, and jump is an unforgettable experience.

Take a tour of our website, explore the incredible range of GPR Stabilizers products, and if you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out. We're here to make your powersports journey the best it can be.

Get ready to unleash the power of your ride with GPR Performance Stabilizers and Duff Moto. Your adventure awaits

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