Introducing the Duff moto MFG team by providing an run down of what they do, and how their expertise shapes Duff Moto.


    The Visionary Behind Duff Moto

    Justin, our Owner/Operator, is the driving force at Duff Moto, with over two decades of industry expertise. With 15 years of competitive racing experience, his technical passion and artistic insight converge to transform your aspirations into high-performance, high-quality realities. His exceptional skill set, refined over years in the powersports sector, guarantees top-notch results for your journey.


    The Organizational Force Behind Duff Moto

    Elizabeth is the operational cornerstone of our team, ensuring seamless part management and organizational excellence. Her media passion and creativity are instrumental in translating your vision into reality. As an integral part of our team, she plays a pivotal role in maintaining the smooth operation of Duff Moto, earning her the title of "Mother of Duff Moto."


    Brace yourself to meet Brady, our in-house FMX sensation who's got more airtime than most planes! He's been defying gravity and burning rubber for a solid three years in the realm of Freestyle Motocross (FMX). But hold onto your helmets, folks, because this guy's obsession with bikes started at the ripe age of 3, and he's been racing since he could reach the handlebars, which was at 12! From dirt tracks to freestyle arenas, there's no stopping Brady – he's the one who insists on getting his bike sideways and even upside down!


    Our Snow-Commander in Chief

    Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce you to Kyle, our very own snow prophet and backcountry snowmobile freerider extraordinaire. While most of us were struggling with training wheels, Kyle was already shredding snow at the ripe age of three, and he's been in the game for over two glorious decades. At the tender age of 16, he was already striking sponsorship deals, making us question if he has a secret snowmobile handshake!

    But here's the twist - while most riders avoid rocky sections like the plague, Kyle boldly declares, "I like rocks!" as if they were snowflakes. He's a creative genius on the snow and off, making every adventure a side-splitting laugh fest. In short, he's not just gnarly; he's the definition of "gnar-tastic."


    Meet Layne: The Racing Dynamo

    Introducing Layne, our speed-obsessed racing prodigy. With a need for speed that ignited at the age of 11, Layne's racing journey has been nothing short of legendary. Alberta's diverse racing terrain has witnessed his triumphs in motocross, cross country, and the intense Red Bull Rocks and Logs.

    In his debut flat track racing season, Layne didn't just dip his toes; he dove in headfirst with a fully customized Duff Moto flat track bike. The result? A thunderous victory as he claimed the VET30 Alberta championship and an awe-inspiring 2nd place in the Pro/AM category.

    Layne isn't just a racer; he's a symphony of horsepower and determination, a true embodiment of Duff Moto's adrenaline-pumping spirit. With Layne, it's not just a team; it's a family. We look forward to keeping the throttle pinned with our Duff Moto family!


    Meet Cooper: Unleashing Adventure in Alberta Since 2006

    Introducing Cooper, a powerhouse of adventure who has called Alberta home since 2006. Cooper's journey into the world of extreme enduro riding in the Canadian Rockies began at the tender age of 5, with a trusty Honda Trail 80 as his first partner in dirt. His love for powersports took a snowy twist, as he evolved into a die-hard snowmobile fanatic over the past 22 years.

    By trade, Cooper is a power engineer, but he's a late-night tinkerer at heart, always fine-tuning his passion for powersports. On his days off work, he transforms into a semi-professional backcountry snowmobiler, conquering the untamed wilderness with the same passion that defines his love for the mountains.

    As a valued member of the Duff Moto family, Cooper's journey is a testament to the power of passion and the thrill of exploration. Join us in celebrating Cooper, the embodiment of Alberta's adventurous spirit and the heart of our powersports community.