Kickstart Your Thrills with Duff Moto's Performance-Packed Race Shop Services!

"Rev up your engines and hold onto your helmets; we're taking your ride to the next level!"

At Duff Moto, we're passionate about optimizing your motorcycle's performance, and here's how we do it:

  • Complete Engine Rebuilds: Our experienced technicians meticulously disassemble and rebuild your engine to factory-fresh standards, ensuring peak performance.

  • Transmission Rebuilds: We fine-tune your transmission for seamless gear changes, giving you greater control on the road.

  • Carburetor/Throttle Body Rebuilds: We specialize in optimizing fuel delivery, enhancing efficiency, and achieving optimal power output.

  • Suspension Rebuilds: Your bike's handling and ride quality are crucial. We expertly adjust and rebuild your suspension for a smoother and more controlled experience.

  • Chassis Rebuilds: Your bike's structural integrity is essential. We make sure it's robust and capable of handling high-performance demands.

  • Performance Upgrades: Our expertise spans a wide range of enhancements, including:

    • Race-Spec Complete Builds: Transform your bike into a track-ready masterpiece.
    • Crankshaft Stroking: Add stroke legnth to boost power and torque.
    • Crankshaft Polishing: Enhance engine efficiency with a polished crankshaft.
    • Big Bore Top End: Increase displacement for added power.
    • Custom Hand Porting: Achieve optimal performance with precision porting.
    • Transmission Polishing: Smooth gear shifts for a more responsive ride.
    • Dyno Tuning: Fine-tune your bike's performance on our advanced dyno equipment.
    • Custom Internal Coatings: Improve durability and thermal efficiency.
    • Custom Suspension Applications and Tuning: Tailor your bike's suspension to your riding style and preferences.
    • Specialty Parts: Explore our store for unique, high-quality components to enhance your ride.

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or customization requests. Explore our custom coatings to enhance both performance and aesthetics. Your journey to a high-performance motorcycle begins with Duff Moto, and remember, "The road is your canvas; let's paint it with power!"