Blast Off with Duff Moto and HEL Performance - Your Ticket to Powersports Excellence!

Blast Off with Duff Moto and HEL Performance - Your Ticket to Powersports Excellence!

Ladies and gentlemen, thrill-seekers of Western Canada, it's time to buckle up, because Duff Moto is about to take you on an exhilarating journey with our newest partner, HEL Performance! Get ready for a turbocharged adventure into the world of powersports like never before. Our mission is to bring you top-quality products that redefine your ride and add a dash of excitement to your powersports escapades in the breathtaking landscapes of Western Canada.

HEL Performance: A Legacy of Excellence

The HEL story is one that takes us on a thrilling ride through time. It all began in 1985 when the ancestor of HEL, Hose-Equip, made its debut as an authorized Aeroquip distributor. With a friendly and collaborative approach to quality and service, Hose-Equip quickly carved a name for itself in the Industrial, Marine, and Hydraulic markets. Fast forward to the millennial era, and HEL Performance stepped into the picture by acquiring Hose-Equip in 2000. This strategic move paved the way for HEL's entry into the performance fluid-transfer marketplace.

What followed was a rebranding, and HEL Performance was born. The iconic Devil's Tail logo came to life, symbolizing our commitment to excellence. Quality has always been at the core of our journey.

Courage to Change the Powersports Game

The brains behind HEL Performance, Simon Lane and Chris Porter, came together with established reputations and experience in the hydraulics market. Their vision gave birth to a revolutionary approach to motorcycle brake lines that has since changed the game.

HEL Performance's distinction is simple yet groundbreaking: our brake line products have never competed directly with reusable ones. Our system, the first fully swaged brake line in the UK market, uses only stainless steel and titanium. No more messing around with mild steel or aluminum that eventually corrodes. It's all about quality, safety, and endurance.

Since the introduction of our swaged system, our competitors have followed suit because, well, it just makes sense. This innovation has brought tamper-evident, safer, and permanently attached brake line fittings to the forefront, making the brakes better than ever.

Quality Over Compromise - Always

But we didn't stop there. HEL Performance was also the first in the industry to apply a PVC cover during hose manufacture to protect vehicle paintwork. A superior finish and the ability to color-match future lines accurately became the standard.

Our commitment to excellence led us to be the first manufacturer in the world to offer colored stainless steel fittings instead of aluminum ones. It was a decision driven by the need to prevent potential brake line failure, and we've never looked back.

Being First Matters

In addition to pioneering innovative designs, HEL Performance embraced the power of the internet. We introduced the first online shopping area and warranty registration in our industry, leading the way forward.

But we didn't rest on our laurels. Recent developments include the world's first self-crimp mountain-bike brake line kit and a full automotive brake line application list. Our products have also made their mark in local, national, and international racing competitions, setting new world records along the way.

One HEL of a Ride

Since the dawn of the millennium, our products and reputation have spread worldwide without the need for sales reps. Our products speak for themselves and the difference they make.

Today, HEL Performance products are available in 72 countries across six of the seven continents. Antarctica, we're coming for you next!

Steady Growth on Firm Principles

As our team at Duff Moto grows, so does the number of manufacturers and distributors around the world who belong to the special group we call HEL Performance. We believe in supplying the best products to the best customers on E.A.R.T.H - ethically, authentically, responsibly, technically, and happily.

So, power up your engines, gear up for an adventure, and let Duff Moto and HEL Performance redefine your powersports experience. We're here to add more thrill, more quality, and more fun to your ride. Get ready to conquer the landscapes of Western Canada in style with HEL Performance - your partner for powersports excellence!

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