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MX Transmission Micro-Polishing

MX Transmission Micro-Polishing

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Duff Moto is your ultimate destination for motorcycle transmission micro-polishing expertise in Canada, and our reach extends across the globe. Discover the technical advantages of our service, tailored exclusively for motocross bikes and ATVs:

Enhanced Gear Shifting Precision: Experience seamless gear shifting that's smoother than a jazz solo.

Improved Power Transfer: We don't just transfer power; we boost it, sending more horses to the ground than ever before.

Temperature Control: Keep your ride running cool, thanks to reduced operating temperatures. No more overheating worries.

Enhanced Durability: Our polishing technique adds an extra layer of toughness to your transmission components, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Exclusively available for motocross bikes and ATVs, here's how we make it happen:

Complete Transmission Service: Send us your full transmission, including shift forks and drum components. We'll handle the rest with surgical precision.

Comprehensive Rebuilding: Our team disassembles, cleans, polishes, and reassembles your transmission to perfection, like a symphony of precision.

Worldwide Shipping: Wherever you are, we've got your back. Whether you're in our neighborhood or halfway around the world, choose local drop-off, pick-up, or our customer-supported shipping options.

Duff Moto - your passport to world-class transmission polishing for motocross and ATV enthusiasts. Shift into a new level of performance, worldwide!


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