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Carb Tuning & Modifications

Carb Tuning & Modifications

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Local Carb Tuning Expertise: We offer convenient in-bike carb tuning services locally, and our skilled technicians have mastered the art of precise tuning with the help of a dyno.

Customized Carb Mods: Our carb mods and tuning options are tailored to your specific make and model, ensuring a perfect fit for your powersports machine.

Sealing Expertise: Every carb tuning job at Duff Moto begins with a comprehensive rebuild, including the installation of new seals. Proper sealing is a critical aspect of achieving precise tuning.

Carb Coatings: We provide the option for carburetor coatings in custom colors, not only enhancing the aesthetics but also offering additional protection.

Transparent Pricing: Our pricing covers the essential rebuild and inspection of your carburetor. Should you wish to explore further modifications, we're here to discuss and expand on your unique needs.

To get started, simply contact us with your year, make, model, and details about any bolt-on parts or modifications you've made to your powersports vehicle. Once you're ready, you can either drop off your carburetor locally or ship it to us for a thorough and expert evaluation.

We understand the value of your time and convenience, so we offer both local drop-off and pick-up services, as well as customer-supported shipping options. At Duff Moto, we're dedicated to ensuring that your powersports machine runs at its absolute best. Trust us for carburetor tuning and modifications that will take your ride to the next level. Contact us today to enhance your powersports experience with Duff Moto's specialized expertise.

Enjoy the ride!

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