Duff Moto MFG - Fork oil bushing kit - CRF110F All years

Duff Moto MFG - Fork oil bushing kit - CRF110F All years

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Introducing Our Ingenious Custom Fork Oil Bushing Kit - Crafted in the Great White North for Pit Bike Enthusiasts!

Picture this: You're riding your trusty CRF110f, the wind in your hair, the thrill coursing through your veins, and then... BOOM, bottomed out... No more! We're thrilled to present our custom-made Fork Oil Bushing Kit, designed for pit bike fanatics who demand top-tier performance.

Technical Marvels with a Dash of Canadian Flair:

  • Tighter Tolerances: Our kit boasts tighter tolerance bushings, which means less fluid leakage, keeping your fork oil where it belongs - within the dampeners. Say goodbye to annoying fluid bypass during travel.

  • Versatile Solution: Whether your current bushings have seen better days or your fork tubes are destined for some slick coatings, our kit has you covered. These parts aren't OEM-sold, which saves you a trip to the machine shop.

  • 3D Printed Durability: Crafted from flexible, robust material through 3D printing, our kit has undergone rigorous product testing for an entire year, proving its mettle with flying colors.

  • Perfect Pit Bike Fit: Designed to fit all years of CRF110f Models, our bushings, when paired with 20W oil, deliver that same smooth ride as emulators. These upgrades improve the fluid dampening significantly.

  • One Kit to Rule Them All: Simplify your pit bike upgrades with one kit that caters to both forks. Streamline your maintenance with ease!

Rev Up Your CRF110f Like Never Before: Why settle for less when you can ride with confidence and precision? Our Canadian-made Fork Oil Bushing Kit is the answer to your suspension upgrade dreams. Whether you're hitting the trails or carving your own path, ensure your pit bike experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

Ready to revolutionize your ride? Embrace the Canadian craftsmanship that powers our kit and hit the trails with newfound confidence. Elevate your pit bike adventure today!

***Needed if coating your chrome tubes, all plastic needs to be removed for the process and these are the only replacements. Ask us about fork coatings as well***


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